Blackbox Eyn854A-Pb-1000, Gigabase Cat5E Cable

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BlackBox, EYN854A-PB-1000, GigaBase 350 1000-ft

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CAT5e 350-MHz Plenum Solid Bulk Cable - Yellow High-performance, ETL Verified cable that's easy to install

CAT5e compliance means dependable compatibility for future applications

Cable is marked in two-foot increments so you always know how much you have left

Every master pull box is tested for electrical performance

Extra headroom provides room for growth

Features This cable is part of our ETL Verified GigaBase 174 CAT5e channel solution

Guaranteed for life! This bulk cable features the Accu-Pull Measuring System Descending sequential foot markings let you know exactly how much is left on the spool

Ideal for voice, 10BASE-T, 4-/16-Mbps Token Ring, 100BASE-TX, 100-Mbps TP-PMD, T1, 155-Mbps ATM, 622-Mbps ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, and other high-speed applications

Longitudinal rip cord for easy jacket opening

Low attenuation and power-sum crosstalk characteristics over an extended frequency range

No more guesswork or measuring to see how much cable you have left.

Sweep tested and characterized to 350 MHz